Industry 4.0, Smart Agricolture, Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Healthcare… Smart Everything!


Iotsnap, The open source IoT platform that adapts to every context


Different contexts, same needs

Iotsnap aims to respond to common needs of all IoT projects: elaborating large quantities of data in real time, analyzing historical data series, automation and artificial intelligence.


Open Source and Cloud Ready, scalable and reliable

Iotsnap platform is a suite of market-leading “Enterprise Grade” Open Source technologies and is distributed in a container-based cloud.


Not just a platform, but an entire ecosystem

Iotsnap is a solution created by Extra Red, relying on qualified partners who offer services and solutions in the field of chatbot, augmented reality, sensors and IoT gateways.


We have the solutions, because we know the problems

Sudden failures and downtime

Preventing a sudden failure through various types of maintenance is a widespread need in different sectors, particularly in the industrial sector. It is necessary to identify, measure and historicize specific KPIs on which mathematical models (machine learning) are applied, which allow to accurately predict what is the best time to plan resolutive interventions and to avoid sudden failures.

Quality control

Product Passport is ideated by EREP (European Resource Efficiency Platform), a group of high-level European experts. The goal is to make all information about a product easily accessible to anyone who needs it. It is the most important methodology for developing digital systems for measuring the environmental impact, quality, life cycle of the finished product for its full use, etc.

Unprepared operators

It is crucial the staff responsible for carrying out ordinary or extraordinary maintenance on equipment, tools or systems are adequately trained and/or qualified. For this reason, tools such as augmented reality can be of great help, allowing you to support unprepared operators in real time through the contextualized display of additional information, and chatbots, that collect the status of the device that is subject to intervention, further allowing you to involve other people in a simple and immediate way.

Efficiency control

Making a thing smart in any context means, first of all, acquiring data from properly installed sensors. Web-based visualization of the collected data in real time and with interactive analysis through Business Intelligence tools such as reports and dashboards, is a common and primary requisite. The obtained results can be surprising, because they reveal behaviors and provide useful information both at managerial level and for those in maintenance.

Integration of existing software

The Iotsnap platform is based on open source technologies that can be integrated with existing software, and is distributed through a containerized cloud, ensuring scalability and flexibility. Data is managed with a user-like logic: whoever produces the data can also choose its access and distribution privileges.


Iotsnap's partnerships

These are the technology partners that made the Iotsnap platform possible

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