A success story: A.Celli Group

The client

A.Celli Group is a leading company in the production of machinery for the production of paper and non-woven fabric.

The need

The customer needed a scalable platform to provide services to customers, with real-time data reading and analysis of historical data series from any location connected to the corporate Cloud.

The solution

The Iotsnap platform has been proposed as a solution for reading and analyzing Time Series data from machinery and transforming it into business information, through intuitive dashboards accessible from any location connected to the A.Celli Cloud.


Dashboard Machine Monitoring

A custom dashboard for A.Celli machines that allows real-time data reading and historical series analysis from any location connected to the A.Celli cloud.

The production performance is accessible via the Cloud on a dashboard, for the comparison between production lines and shifts in different plants, the calculation of the “end-of-line” and the identification of the areas of intervention in a predictive manner.


Energy Monitoring

The control of energy consumption has become fundamental both for the industry, in order to cut costs, and for the consumer, in order to acknowledge the producers that are most attentive to the environmental impact. Energy Monitoring helps with the recognition of consumption and anomalies along the entire production chain, with the generation of alarms when an abnormal event occurs.


Efficiency 4.0

Efficiency 4.0 is a collection of “Industrial Business Intelligence” for calculating production efficiency, taking into account to the proprietary KPIs of the sector in which the customer operates, providing automatic and objective casualization in all production intervals that require caution. With this tool all variables and production indices are correlated in a highly readable summary dashboard.


Product Passport

With the Product Passport, all the production data of a reel are linked to the single assigned product code. By recalling the code, you can view all the data relating to that specific production batch, such as: the quality, the number and type and position of defects or the energy consumption per specific batch. The Product Passport methodology is the first step towards “Data Monetization”, developing grading indices of finished products that are useful for certification purposes and sales through B2B2C ecommerce platforms.


A.Celli Advanced Support

A 24×365 remote support service through the use of chatline and chatbot technology connected to the machinery, to help production managers and customer operators in troubleshooting and obtaining the best performance. Machines, software and human operators dialogue with one another governing the events of greatest attention through natural language and with a simple and immediate user experience.